Thursday, June 23, 2005

My Bedroom

My bedroom is my favorite place to go when I want to relax and feel comfortable to enjoy my free time. At first, my room has a TV and computer, so I can use the internet and watch TV there. Second, it has a king-size bed, and I can sleep and rest there. Everytime I feel disappointed or exhausted, I will go to my room and I can shout loudly and cry to release my feeling. Then, I can listen to my favorite music and read books and sing songs loudly by myself. In conclusion, my bedroom is my favorite place because I can stay there to do all things that I want, and feel very comfortable and relaxed.


People Shouldn't Have A Right To Smoke Everywhere

There are three reasons why people shouldn't have a right to smoke everywhere. First, a person who smokes must care about the people who don't smoke. For example, some people hate the smell, and can't accept it. Second, secondhand smoke harms everyone. For instance, a wife may like to smoke, but her husband doesn't, yet he has lung cancer. It is ironic because secondhand smoke is harmful. The third reason is about an environmental pollution. For example, if smokers can smoke everywhere, they may throw the cigarettes everywhere, so this may result in pollution. In conclusion, smokers shouldn't have a right to smoke everywhere because when they smoke, they not only harm themselves and other people, but also produce environmental pollution.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Weddings in Taiwan

Weddings in Taiwan are interesting in any country,especially Taiwan. At first, we pay attendtion to choose the date and the time to wed, so the groom can't delay getting married to his fiancee. Second, the bride can wear different dress and veil, but the groom can just chooses a black
and white txuedo. Third, people who help plan the wedding can get a red package which contain money and they symbloizes happiness and good luck. So at the right time, the groom goes to bride's house and they exchange the rings. Next, the bride will say goodbye and hug her parents. After them,they will be droven in a limousine to a restaurant with their family and friends. Moreover, they will have a unique memory in their life.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Being an Identical Twin

It's good to be an identical twin. They have a good friend to share everything with, even if they are sad or happy. Sometimes they might not want to work, and maybe a twin can work instead of them. So, they can help each other. It can hard for another who aren't twin, and have the same hair and face. Maybe everything is the same they think that is cool because everything looks like a picture. Maybe their friends'll not know who they are, and they can know each other's friends, and they'll have a lot of friends. So, it's cool and good to be an identical twin.